Ideal Competition Fueling 3-4 hours before first game or night before for morning game

• Eat a meal containing carbohydrates and protein

• Fill half your plate with carbohydrate (rice, pasta, bread, cereal, fruit), a quarter with protein (meat, cheese, eggs, nut, nut butter) and a quarter with vegetables. 1-2 hours before game

• Eat a snack containing carbohydrate and protein

• Limit fat (less than 3gm per serving) and fiber (eat white carbs/simple carbs) 30 minutes before game

• Have a small snack of carbohydrates without fat or fiber If you have multiple games, follow the same pattern. If you have 3-4 hours between have a meal using the guidelines above, 1-2 hours have a snack and 30 min or less rely on simple carbohydrates like on the snack list or gummy candies in small amounts. If you experience dips in performance, use gummy candies, honey, pixie sticks or Gatorade/Powerade with real sugar. SMALL AMOUNTS or sip ONLY! Begin hydrating with water first thing upon waking and continue to do so. Avoid caffeine the day of. If you get migraines or headaches when avoiding caffeine have 1 cup of coffee as far away from game time as possible. Sample meals

• Pasta with red sauce & chicken, lean beef, or shrimp

• Grilled fish with sweet potatoes and vegetables

• Chicken, rice & beans

• Submarine sandwich

• PB&H + instant breakfast drink

• Fruit & yogurt smoothie + low fat granola

• Oatmeal w/brown sugar, almonds & skim milk + banana

• Low-fat cottage cheese + apple butter + crackers + fresh grapes

• Grilled potatoes + scrambled eggs + fruit Sample snacks

• Flavored milk or dairy based smoothies

• PB&J or lean meat sandwiches

• Fig bars • Fruit - banana, pear, grapes

• Yogurt

• Granola bars