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Do I have to try out for Pro Beach Juniors, and does everyone make the club?  Everyone who registers will be make the club, and have the opportunity to train and play in tournaments.

Can I pay for beach monthly? Yes,  you can pay monthly or in full. When you register online it will bill you for the 1st month and then in 30 days bill you for the next month automatically.

If I miss a day of beach can I make it up? Yes, if you miss a practice you can make it up as long as it is still in the same month.

Can I come and drop-in to a practice? Yes, if you have already purchased a monthly practice package, you can drop into an extra practice that month, or the months following.  You can buy a 4 session punch card, and get a 5th session free, right now at the front desk.

I will need to miss some practices due to vacation, camps, etc.  Is that ok? Yes, we understand and expect conflicts.   Players will be able to make up sessions in the month(s) they are registered for.

I only see girls at JO tournaments. Can my son play in your beach club?Yes. Boys participation is a growing segment of a growing sport.  We’d love to have your son participate.

What do I bring to practice?  Water, a towel, flip flops, a positive attitude, and a serious work ethic.

Due to High School Summer Programming, and my indoor club team playing/training for Nationals, I don’t know my schedule for the summer yet.  Should I still register? Yes, we will try to work with you, and your HS/Club, to find a practice session that works around your various conflicts.   With having multiple options available, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE TIME FOR BEACH!

Does my daughter need to have a partner to play?  No, a majority of our beach training is focused on the skills necessary to be successful in the beach & indoor game, and we will have several other girls there for the training that your daughter can rotate in with, when we are doing team specific strategies.  Also, if your daughter is wanting to play in some tournaments, she will need to find a partner, and if she can't, we can help find her one.

Does the monthly fee cover tournaments? No. While we strongly encourage all of our athletes to at least play local and mini tournaments, we don’t require any tournament play, and therefore have not built that expense into our fee structure.   You are paying strictly for training.

Will there be mini-tournaments at the club? Yes, there will be several starting in, early May, on Sundays from 5-8pm.  We will update the website and send emails when those events arise.

Beach tournaments are new to us. What should I expect? Expect a fun day outside. If you are winning and make the last rounds of the tournament, it will be a long day. Check the weather and plan to eat, hydrate, and use sunblock accordingly.  Plan on chairs and a shade tent. Again, it might be a long day so make sure your athlete gets plenty of rest the night before. The whole environment is laid back and fun.

How do I register for an AVP America Events and get an AVP Membership? Go to this AVP link, and follow the numbered instructions.  It will give you step by step instructions and links, on how to get started and registered for events.

How do I register for a USA Qualifier? Go to the JBT schedule page and click on the specific event you want to register for. Remember that you need a partner and both participants must have a current USAV membership. One participant registers the team

If I play on a club team indoors in my USAV region, can I use that current membership for USAV Junior Beach Tour events? Yes, there is a summer membership and a full membership.  You must purchase a full membership for indoor, so it will also cover you for the summer beach season.

What time is the tournament? Tournaments normally begin at 8 a.m. local time and check-in begins at 7 a.m. Some locations may have space limitations or weather restrictions and starting times may differ. Please check the individual event for times.

What levels of play are offered? Boys 12-and-under, 14U, 16U, 18U and Girls 12-and-under, 14U, 16U, 18U

 Can I play in any division? You can play in the age level your birthday assigns you to or higher. You cannot play below your age level.

 How long is my USAV membership valid? From the date of purchase to Oct. 31st.

What age division should I register for? Visit the Age Divisions page and then click on the PDF to view the chart.

Do coaches go to tournaments?There is a list of events that the Pro Beach Staff will be attending marked in green and blue on the event list.  There will be no coaching fee at these events.  For other events, coaches will be available and can attend if requested; however, the coach's expenses and daily fees will be split up amongst the players requesting a coach.   Unlike indoor JO tournaments, beach coaches are not permitted to instruct during a match, but they can during time outs, side changes, and between matches. We feel that coaching support at tournaments is part of the learning process.