Growth Academy

More than 800 million people play volleyball at least once a week, but few do it better than the professional athletes at Empowered Sports Club, the creation of professional indoor and outdoor volleyball player, Will Robbins and his wife Ashlee, who also founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, Empowered Growth Academy, to offer financial assistance to young athletes in order to experience the Empowered way. Empowered Growth Academy is a Christ-centered youth athletic training program designed to fund and supplement the development of physical skills, build character, inspire leaders, strengthen minds, and shape spiritual hearts to experience God’s design for their lives. The Empowered Growth Academy mission is “Empowering champions for life.”


Empowered Growth Academy is a holistic educational center that provides financial assistance for volleyball, soccer, and futsal developmental programs to families in need. Exclusively funded through donations and fundraisers, Empowered Growth Academy partners with individuals, corporations, foundations, and ministries to offer its proven model to young athletes who otherwise would not be able to afford the opportunity to participate in this transformative process at Empowered Sports ClubEmpowered Growth Academy’s foundational pillars include: physical health and wellness through athletic training and skill mastery, led by the Empowered Sports Club experts; with character growth, leadership development, mental conditioning, and spiritual discipleship provided by Empowered Growth Academy.


1. The applicant must commit to attending a minimum of 80% of scheduled practices and games. A parent or legal guardian must complete one application per child, and all requested information must be provided. (Incomplete applications will not be accepted)

2. The applicant must submit the most current year's tax return.

3. The applicant must meet the Federal Poverty Guideline Threshold (at least 250%)

4.  Write a quick statement explaining, how much of your need you would like Empowered Growth Academy to cover.

5. Required to meet a minimum of 4 hours of Volunteer hours each month.

6.  Applicants will be required to submit a letter explaining late submission. Late applicants are also subject to the same guidelines.

Deadline to submit applications: 

College Prep - August 1st

High School Prep - November 1st


1. The applicant is a member of a multi-child family or living in a single-parent home.

2. The applicant is receiving assistance from programs such as Food Stamps, Medicaid, SSI, Foster Care, WIC, etc.

3. IHSAA Participation Rule: Fee for a camp or clinic can be waived or paid by a third party for an “underprivileged student” (one who is eligible for free or reduced lunch).

4. The applicant provides a written recommendation by a school representative, social worker, youth community center worker, or other social services representative.