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Yes, we have a full time recruiting coordinator to help assist our 15's-18's in the recruiting process, along with a complete recruiting platform  (SportsRecruits) with direct access to every college coach in the country.   You will be able to upload your videos, schedule, transcripts, etc., to your own page on SportsRecruits, and be able to use search criteria to find the right fit from the nearly 2,000 colleges in the country that have volleyball.  No other club in the area has a recruiting platform included in their fees like Empowered. 

You can contact or visit our webpage for more details.

Our coaching staff is majority Division 1 or professional athletes.  We pride ourselves on having the best coaching staff in the area.

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Please refer to our club fee schedule for details:

Outside of your monthly installments, you will incur cost for your travel, USAV membership and any custom team spirit wear you choose to purchase.


You can either pay your bill online or at our front desk, with a credit card,  check, or cash.  You will have an option to pay in full, or set up a payment plan.

Yes, EVA does offer private lessons.  Private lessons are 70.00 an hour or 40.00 for a 1/2 hour.  We do offer group lessons also.  2 kids for an hour is 45.00 each.  

Yes, many of our student-athletes participate in more than one sport, especially in our younger age groups. As teams advance to a higher level of competition, we see less of the multi-sport athlete.  The most important thing that a multi-sport athlete has to do is communicate with her coach regarding her other sport.

Yes,  we have a work for credit program.  For more information please contact