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Congrats!  You are one step closer to reaching the next level.  Events and competition are one of the best ways to get your there, by testing your skills, building confidence through success, teaching you conflict resolution and perseverance, and most importantly, uncovering what areas of your game you need to work on and develop.

Pro Beach Juniors does not include events in our fees, so our kids and parents have the freedom to pick and choose which events throughout the Midwest & South, that best fit their schedules.

Below are a list of quality sanctioned events, that we support, know the Directors of, and recommend for our athletes.

Mini Beach Tournaments


Coming Soon

The Road To AVP


Do you want to compete like the pros and be seen by college beach volleyball coaches and recruiters? AVPAMERICA is providing the opportunity for youth across the country to do just that, all while competing to earn a spot in our National Championships. Follow these steps to start your journey on the road to the AVP Tour:

1. Become an AVP Member
2. Register for local events "Click Here"
3. Accrue AVP points based off each finish
4. Earn an invitation to the National Championship in July

How to Earn a Bid:
  • Bids can be earned to each 4-Star event at any qualifying event based on the bid window above
  • All AVP America Junior events are qualifiers
  • 1-Star events award bids to 1st & 2nd place teams as long as there are at least 5 teams in the division
  • 2-Star events award bids to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams as long as there are at least 5 teams in the division
  • No trickle-down bids
  • Bid winners can play with any partner of their choice.
  • Only one partner per team is required to have earned a bid.
  • Bids are not age specific. Players can compete in any age group as long as they have not aged out based on our Junior Age Requirements.
  • Players will be required to compete in their respective divisions at the time of the event (see Junior Age Requirements, which updated on 9/1/2022).

To view current AVP points and see where you stand compared to the pros, click here.