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About Friday Night Open Play

Fort Wayne's First True Sports Bar is finally here on Friday Nights! 7:30 pm - Midnight every Friday night, come and play hardcourt volleyball, beach volleyball, futsal, foot-volley, ping pong, air hockey, or foosball, all while enjoying games on the 8 TVs and big screens throughout the building and an ice-cold beverage at one of Empowered 2 bars, Sideline Lounge & Bob's Tiki Bar! Grab your friends from work, church, college, etc., and come out and actually participate in your favorite sport, instead of just watching, while you drink a cold beverage and catch up!

Drink specials every weekend, and only $5 to get in!
Family-friendly, but kids under 16 years old need supervision.
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1) THE FACILITIES MUST NOT BE USED - all court/field rentals, private lessons, and scheduled club programming come first. Any Open Play guests will be removed from the surface if reservations/programming starts.

2) All Open Play guests must have a liability waiver filled out. The front desk can hand out waivers.

3) Open Play occurs only within regular facility hours. For times outside of our normal business day please consider reserving space and call our front desk to schedule something.

For Open Play availability please call the front desk: 260-637-1551



Try to play and create teams that play courts that match your level.

  • COURT 1 - A/B Level - Competitive Play
  • COURT 2 - B Level - Competitive Play
  • COURT 3 - B/C Level
  • COURT 4 - C/D Level



  • Ask around and find a team (6-8 players)
  • Assign a Team Captain
  • Assess your team's ability and write your name on ONE COURT whiteboard
  • Erase your team from the board before playing
  • 2 min Max for on-court warm-up
  • The whole team needs to be ready to jump on the court when the gameplay is finished



  • Games to 25 win by 2 (change to 15 if the courts are overcrowded)
  • FIRST MATCH of the night: Winning team stays
  • REST OF MATCHES: Stay for 2 matches then you are off
  • If your team is getting smoked move down a court



  • DO NOT GO UNDER THE NET OR LAND ACROSS THE MIDDLE LINE. Many serious injuries have occurred from this. You will be asked to stop playing if it continues.