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Questions About King of the Beach or Queen of the Beach?

Email Sarah at sarah.musselman@stratimar.com with any questions!

King of Beach (KOB) is a group of individuals ranging from Beginner to Open level who love beach volleyball. It's designed as a ladder league to help players mix socially, improve their skills in beach doubles, and improve their physical fitness.

While we love to have fun, most of our players define fun as good competition and personal growth.

If you are growth-minded and want to learn more about Beach volleyball, this is the league for you!

Queen of the Beach (QOB) is a fun, but highly competitive group of women looking to improve their beach doubles game. The league currently requires at least 2 of the 3: a solid understanding of the beach doubles game and its strategies, a strong offensive AND defensive game on the sand, and a high degree of stamina.

For those who don't currently meet all the criteria, we recommend starting with KOB to fill in the gaps. Eventually, we'd like to form courts where only 1 of those requirements is necessary. If that's you, reach out. When we have 4 players, we can start another queens pool.

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