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About our Boys program

Boys volleyball is one of the oldest, yet fastest-growing, sports in the country and one of the world’s most popular sports. Here’s why:

Fast-paced and high-flying: Men’s volleyball is played above the net and is considerably faster than the girl’s game. Take the best parts of basketball and tennis and mix-in the merciless slamming of a white ball into the floor, and you have volleyball.

Great cross-training: Football, basketball, tennis, and soccer players easily transition to the sport and find that it enhances skills and muscle group for these sports. No sport does a better job of training jump mechanics than volleyball. NBA players including Wilt Chamberlain, Kevin Love, Chase Budinger, Adam Keefe, and Jud Buechler agree.

Post-high school playing opportunities: From college athletics (NCAA and club), professional leagues, outdoor tournaments (for cash and recreation), and recreational adult leagues, volleyball has more opportunities and ways to play from high school and beyond than nearly any other sport.